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Ben Peters | RHP / Seko – Digital Operations Manager

Responsible for the delivery of digital marketing and eCommerce solutions. Technical team management and accountability for customer satisfaction for all clients


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Digital Operations Manager

Ben Peters – Red Hot Penny | Reading | 2009

Responsible for the management and success of the complete customer base from conception, delivery and production support.

Organising the internal teams and point of contact for customers I organised the delivery of ecommerce websites (£40k to £500k) and online business solutions, supporting the development of the business and the satisfaction of the customer.

Portfolio include online marketing, pay per click and SEO solutions as well as the development of a bespoke ecommerce platform and the development of Umbraco ecommerce sites.

The businesss

Red Hot Penny

An award-winning digital agency providing a mix of integrated digital marketing services.

Developers of online marketing campaigns and strategies as well as a two tier ecommerce offering offering bespoke Umbraco based ecommerce solution or a full feature inhouse MS ecommerce solution providing powerful online marketing capabilities. 

Strategic partners SEKO logistics have network of multi-user logistics sites in the US, Asia and Europe. Worldwide eCommerce fulfilment allows eretailers and traditional brickbased retailers can outsource their entire international logistics and ecommerce operation allowing the customer to confidently implement a solution across multiple channels.

Personal Profile

Responsibilities .

  • SMT member, responsible for the development of the business during a period of 70% growth in revenue.
  • PTL (Production Team Leads) Accountable for the coordination and management of all production deliverables, account and support management.
  • Accountability for the service delivery of development and customer success.
  • Full responsibility for the digital service delivery of the business.
Personal Profile

and Achievements

  • Team management of 20 technical developers delivering bespoke eCommerce solutions.
  • Account management and support escalation point for all client and development issues.
  • Sole accountability for the project management of all internal and customer projects (up to £150k).
  • SCRUM and Waterfall projects – ecommerce on a custom platform (.Net) and Umbraco CMS applications

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Digital Operations Manager

Ben Peters – Red Hot Penny | Reading | 2009


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