Personal Profile

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.” – Colin Powell


Leadership and Problem Solving

Product Design Engineering is all about analysing a problem and devising a solution. These essential skills are fundamental to success in the digital world. 

Business and digital operations is a considered reaction to changes.  

Clarity on the solution through ideation is critical but is often complimented by forming the right team to support and bring insights and opinions.

With strong leadership and focus I have a proven track record of coaching and influencing teams to create and deliver solutions that make effective use of the technology and development skills available whilst ensuring that there is flexibility, feedback and control through all the stage of a product life-cycle.

Recently I have been responsible for

  • Team responsibility for digital delivery of online communications driving customer interactions channel shift programme.
  • Team management and delivery for a ecommerce and multi channelled marketing agency.
  • Global technical operations for EMEA broadcast and media distribution



Digital Delivery and Project Management

I have vast experience in delivery digital solutions with creative flair and entrepreneurial determination.

My education was in engineering and design. In that discipline the foundations of a methodical process to form practical, effective projects was established.

In a digital environment these skills are still applicable and I have excelled in delivering projects for start ups and global organisations.

Recently I have been tasked to form creative teams to deliver online solutions. Enterprise wide customer portals for Utility company  Thames Water and FMGC retail sites for ecommerce clients like WH Smith and the Aurora Fashions group including brands like Oasis, Warehouse and Coast brands.

The web team at Thames Water I have assembled from scratch, team conception, recruitment, on-boarding, operations and retention.

The inhouse team replaced three different contracted partner teams from Cap-Gemini, Avanade and Equal Experts, all of which I manged the business comminutions, budgetary spend and responsibility for delivery

The team is now the most successful and longest established team delivering business benefit weekly and is cited as outstanding performers in digital.

  • Thames Water website – Sitecore / microservices
  • BT / Farrow and Ball website – Ecommerce / Java
  • GAH mobile workforce app – Java
  • TW employee portal – SharePoint
  • NBC universal networks – website and media distribution

Agile Delivery

A core aspect of my recent roles as drawn upon my project delivery knowledge and leveraged my experience in establishing and running successful agile delivery teams.

I have recruited and coached teams to deliver online solutions for ecommerce clients like Dunnes and Farrow and Ball, adapting business requirements and pivoting to changes,  all structed in an appropriate delivery framework and governance plan that ensures am effective way of working and a quality product.

Agile as made these businesses more flexible, adapting to emerging changes in the process and customer trends.
Based on feedback I focus on early value delivery, continually optimising the process to reduce the waste making your workflow and final solution more cost-efficient

Ultimately this approach creates a healthy working environment where everyone feels appreciated and can collaborate to meeting customer’s requirements.

  • Thames Water Digital
  • RHP / Seko logistics
  • BT Fresca Ecommerce Solutions

Customer Focus

"your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning"

Digital is about creating unique experiences to solve problems and accelerate efficiency and effectiveness. Working closely with the end users and agilely adapting based on feedback and data helps create highly usable and accessible products that put the customers at the heart of an exceptional online experience.


Digital Business Analysis and Data

Understanding the solution is again fundamental to creating a suitable solution.

Good problem / business analysis ensures the rest of the product life-cycle goes as well and successfully as possible.

From research to quality UX and system / process analysis, effort and knowledge informs you and the team and is the foundation for strong confident decision making and leadership.

The product life cycle and your ability to change and pivot and react to customer or environmental changes is driven by data.

Monitoring systems, customer feedback, business insights all need to be considered and analysed in order to maximise your strengths to deliver and generate benefits.

Empowering the team members and discover insights hidden in data feedback. Making sense of all the information is key to lean and collaborate and track your business goals through data insight.

  • GA – Retail Customer insights
  • Eloqua – B2B marketing campaigns and sales lead generation
  • MS BI – customer insights and data visualisation
  • Grafana and Prometheus – site monitoring


Development and RPA

For 20 years I have been and worked with technical web and application developers in all disciplines.

Having this familiarity means i am strong in understand the possibilities and can translate business requirements into the language and solution approach preferred by developers.

In most cases have been responsible for the end to end delivery and BAU operation of online solutions. As per the dev-ops approach this seamless focus ensures dynamic solutions with non of the hinderance of a project rather than product orientated approach.

Recently at Thames Water we have been developing and expanding the automation of processes and services. The digital delivery team have embraced automated testing and pipelines management whilst the business have leveraged their relationship with Microsoft to make the most of PowerApps as well as third party applications like Blue Prism and Watson.



Financial and Budget Control

Delivering projects with control of cost for resources, development environments and BAU operations.

Marketing Support

Leveraging the insights, data and feedback on both a technical and customer level to support the creation of roadmaps and backlogs to achieving marketing goals.

Business Consult

Broad range of experience is often leveraged across to business to brainstorm various enhancements to processes, systems and ways of working.

Customer relations with
transparent communication ...

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