Ben Peters | Cowrie Creative – Digital Operations Manager

Digital Operations Manager

Ben Peters – Cowrie Creative | London | 2009

Operations director responsible for the creation and delivery of revenue generating solutions. The business focus was the leveraging of domain level policies, pay per click marketing(PPC) and referral opportunities.

Personal Profile


  • Management of multi language offshore and onshore resources on a single product dev program
  • Online platform development supporting the content management of over 4000 sites
  • Conceptual creation and specification of solutions for global development teams. Quality control and coordination of content executives.
  • Responsibility for commercial operational efficiencies, profit and loss and overall business strategy.
  •  Stakeholder management and prioritisation of customer, employee, and organisational requirements.
  •  Create and deliver solutions and though clear and concise communications.
Personal Profile

and Achievements

  • The development of a bespoke platform to automate the management, including the acquisition and sales of over 4000 domain names.
  • The development and management of a bespoke CMS system, automating and populating the regular content updates of 1500 websites.
  • Management of multi-national development team to deliver revenue generating solutions.
  • The generation and management of website PPC revenue via google and affiliate systems with a 100% increase in performance to over £100k yearly

Cowrie Creative

$>1M  / 1-10 employees 

Cowrie was a specialist digital agency developing solutions and strategies for domain level marketing. PPC and referral marketing opportunities. 

Specialising in creating content and promotional aggregator to support the management of multiple PPC orientated sites.

An international partnership program coordinated from London delivered high performance scalable solutions utilisation cutting edge collaboration and cloud based technologies

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